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HFT Bot Prop Firm

HFT Bot Prop Firm. Use the 24/7 available live chat on Telegram to get in touch with us quickly, our average response time is 5 minutes.

*We only take a few spots per month to avoid prop firm maximum capital allocation for EA! 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee!

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Reliable Trading Software

HFT BOT is the solution to your problem. This trading software has been created by a team of professional traders to help retail traders achieve their financial goals.


How to Setup Our Software

The best part about this hft bot is that it does not require any complicated setup or configuration. All you have to do is download and install it on your computer, run it and then start receiving trades from the market. It is that simple!


Powerful Expert Advisor

Our HFT bot is a powerful expert advisor that can be used for passing prop firms that allow hft bots.
We promise that we will help you make money and pass your prop challenges with ease!
Our team of experts has worked hard to develop a tool that will help you make money while keeping risk low. You no longer need to worry about failing at prop challenges anymore!


HFT BOT is the High Frequency Trading Expert Advisor (EA/bot) designed to pass proprietary trading firms (prop firms) challenges which use stop orders to enter the trades when market is trending, It is basically designed for forex trading, and using HFT BOT you can pass the challenge within few minutes for prop firms who doesn’t have any lot size cap.


According to FTMO, only 10% of people who try their challenges actually pass them. We know how hard it is to pass prop firm challenges. The odds are not in your favor and the rules make it very hard for most traders to make any progress. That’s why we specifically designed an automated trading system (EA) to pass your challenge so you can relax and watch it do its job. Once purchased you can use the trading bot for as many challenges as you wish and you can even let it trade on your funded account for passive income!


HFT Bot Milestones

You can use the hft bot for unlimited time on provided activations. Many proprietary trading firms (prop firms) are compatible to pass using HFT BOT


How Does It Work?

HFT Bot for passing prop firm challenges works simply by attaching it to the recommended charts, selecting the strategy you want to use, and thats it! Everything else is pre-programmed to do the rest for you. It even has features built in to make sure it does everything it can to pass all criteria. For example if it meets the profit target, but hasn’t met the minimum number of trading days (10 days), it will automatically open a minimum lot size trade each day until it meets the trading day requirement. Once the profit target is reached and all other criteria is passed, it will pause all trading. These are just some of the features my prop firm ea can offer.

Rated Best EA for HFT Challenge

Below is an analysis of the first ever HFT challenge I attempted using HFT Bot, a prop firm EA. The other challenge you will see below is from a customer who also just recently used HFT Trading bot to pass their challenge. The new prop firm custom version of hft trading bot was designed to not only follow the EA rules, but to also focus its trading style to suite those tight trading conditions.

Which Prop Firms Work With Our HFT bot?

Which prop firms allow high-frequency trading? FunderPro, OspreyFX, True Forex Funds are some of the best options for traders who want to use HFT and quantitative trading.

Guaranteed Security

We have a 30 days risk free guarantee policy.


hft trading bot


Outsmart the trading firms

Tired of failing prop firm challenges?

Let our hft bot do it for you! You will never have to worry about hitting the max loss limit ever again!

We only take a few spots per month! 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee!

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What Our Clients are Saying

“I purchased the MT5 version of the hft bot 6 days ago, completed the first phase of the challenge, and posted a proof in the VIP group. I also purchased the MT4 versions today in order to compare the results. Good job!



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Use the 24/7 available live chat on telegram to get in touch with us quicky, our average response time is 5 minutes